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Executive Director

Tormel Pittman is a Humanitarian and a Community Advocate. He has led and participated in many demonstrations throughout NY, NJ and the East Coast.  


Tormel has organized with various organizations such as NAACP, People’s Organization for Progress and the Latino Leadership Alliance. He readily will enlist help from outside agencies, US Department of Justice, New Jersey Civil Liberties Union and NJ Citizens’ Action to name a few as he works to build a better and stronger community.


He is a much sought after speaker.  He has also addressed audiences at numerous churches, schools, conventions and seminars throughout the Tri-state area.


Tormel understands the importance of a safe community so he’s organized numerous gang sit downs and interventions throughout NJ.

Tel: 877-883-0684



Di Shonay Pittman is a lifelong resident of New Jersey. She is an activist and humanitarian while being a full time wife and mother.


She has been instrumental in hosting and organizing toy drives, demonstrations and other community events.


She has traveled throughout the state of New Jersey advocating for community reform, police accountability and expressing the need for quality education for urban and disenfranchised children.


Wether behind the scenes or on the front lines, Di Shonay continues to uplift and encourage the community.

Tel: 877-883-0684



Born and raised in New Jersey. I majored in PreVetrinary Medicine with a Minor in Child Psychology at Rutgers University Cook College.


While in college I worked as an Homeless Men's Shelter Counselor for Catholic Charities. I was a Youth minister for seven year's with Faith Fellowship Ministries.


I also was a Youth Minister Leader for seven years with Faith Tabernacle Outreach Ministries. God has given me a gift to help people reach their full potential.

Tel: 877-883-0684



Alma Tribbett is seasoned  healthcare care manager, advocate, administrator with more than 20 years experience in Medical Insurance,  Benefit Service, Client Service and Customer Service.


She touched the lives of clients, members, patients and customers all over in different settings home, residential, hospital, long term care, hospice to critical care, managing simple, complex and chronic needs.


Through caring and serving others she was inspired to change lives as a Motivational Speaker/Evangelist inspiring others to reach their full potential. Developing  coaching and providing strong leadership in the community and local church. Commitment to sharing the Gospel, changing lives which brings Hope. 


A devoted teacher strong leader worked at Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center for 9 years as Youth Minister and Community Outreach Team, Faith Tabernacle Outreach Center for 8 years Youth Minister, Community Outreach/Evangelism.


Alma is graduate of Charles Reid Bible College/Tabernacle Bible College, Theology,

Evangelism Ministry

Central Career School, Office Systems Specialist

Insurance Institute of America, Insurance, CSR


She continues to provide services for individuals, families and youths within the community to help stabilize them and assist with support of services, transition.and crisis intervention and advocate. Also, assist with permanent Housing referrals.

Tel: 877-883-0684

Sometimes we think of all the issues related to poverty and homelessness, and we become overwhelmed by this daunting process. We perceive that, as individuals, there is nothing we can do. What we must always remember is that one single person cannot solve all of the problems. Yet, when many individuals work for the cause, the goal of ending chronic homelessness in our community can be reached.

You may help with a financial or in-kind donation, but there are other things you can do.


Let's start with you... studies show that volunteering is good for your mental and physical health. Meaningful and rewarding volunteer work can add balance and perspective to your life. Meet people, learn new skills, receive positive feedback about a job well done — it will do wonders for you and the people you are helping.

NewMe Help Center volunteers are diverse in every way. They are multi-cultural, multi-lingual; they are students, teachers, attorneys, retired professionals, homemakers, clergy and performers to name a few.

NewMe Help Center  offers a wide range of ongoing and project-related assignments. Some people volunteer every week and some volunteer for special projects or events only. Some volunteers only are able to commit to a few months. There are volunteer opportunities to fit your interest. 

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